General Setup Requirements / Example for Laurel LT Series Strain Gauge / Load Cell Transmitter or Display

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 This is meant to provide the user with general configuration requirements and does not attempt to provide all possible options.

Configuration software and cable are required to configure the transmitter or display.

Required Information: Load cell mV/V is needed for span along with its capacity.  (3mV/V is fairly common)

Calculate Range:
Srain Gauge Specifies 3.5mV/V 10,000 pound capacity
Will be using 10V excitation
3.5mV/V x 10V = 35mV range for full scale 
This will require the Load Cell Conditioner board to be be jumpered for 50 mV.

To set Jumpers:


Excitation should be jumpered for 10VDC in our example


Software Configuration:

Select range that is closest but greater than the required mV range.  Available ranges are 0- 20 / 50 / 100  /250 / 500 mV
In the above example we would select 50.000 mV for input range.  Input Range Jumper must also be appropriately placed for input range 
If we use Scale Offset Setting: We want  35.000mV to equal 10,000 pound in this example therefore:
10,000 ouput counts  / 35,000 Input counts
= 0.2857 for Scale


Alternatively you can use Coordinates  as below for the same results.



Additional settings are available to set Input Filtering and Alarms

External Inputs can be programmed for things like Tare (Zero)

 Communications and Analog output is configured as required below:

Items required for configuring a Strain Gauge Load Cell Transmitter:


ITEM ------------------------ VALUE ---------------------------
Strain Gauge mV/V rating  
 Strain Gauge Maximum Capacity and Units  
 Analog Output Required  
 Line Frequency (For better noise immunity) 50 or 60 Hz  
 Do you want filtering over time on the weight signal?  
 Alarm # 1 Value and description (High / Low / Latch etc.)  VALUE ___________  HIGH / LOW  LATCHING? Y / N
 Alarm #2 Value and description (High / Low / Latch etc.  VALUE ___________  HIGH / LOW  LATCHING? Y / N


ITEM ----------------------- VALUE ------------------------------------
 Remote Zero / TARE?  
 Automatic Zero / Tare  
 Other application requirements and application details  

Note:  Customer in most cases should have software and cable even if ISE programs the transmitter.  This allows the customer to make configuration changes as desired.