How to I add a new DataNet Network?

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Instructions for Forming a New DataNet Network




Please follow these steps to form a new DataNet network via the DataNet Receiver. These steps represent the Best Practice for ensuring an efficient and time-saving procedure.



1. From the DataSuite Map View, right-click Receiver icon and select Lock Network.


2. Go to Devices > Stop all, in order to stop all loggers.




3. Manually download data from all loggers (this may take time on a large network).



4. Right-click on each logger and Repeater icon in the network and select Leave Network. Default Password: 1234




5. Verify all loggers and Repeaters are no longer on the network.



6. Right-click on the Receiver icon and select Form New Network. Default Password: 1234




7. Once a new network is formed, you will see the new network ID in the Receiver tooltip. You may now unlock the network.


8. Connect each Repeater to the network.


a. For the DNR900, use the LCD menu options to scan for the new network.


b. For the DNR800, click the device button. (If only one network is discovered, Repeaters will automatically connect to it when turned on).


9. Proceed to connect each logger. For the DNL9xx loggers, use the LCD menu options to scan for the new network. For the DNL8XX mini loggers, click the logger button. (If only one network is discovered, loggers will automatically connect to it when turned on).


10. If the Mini DataNet DNR800/DNL8xx devices are not connecting to the network, perform the Leave Network procedure on the relevant device.


a. One long press on device button until the LED is constant red.


b. Immediately press the button again so it flashes red 3 times.


c. Click the button again, and verify connection to the network. Repeat if needed.



Note: If possible, it is advised to connect all devices to the network when located close to the Receiver. Once connected to the network, turn them off, and then turn back on once in original location. This allows the devices to first easily connect to the network, and then find the correct network path when placed back in original location.