How to add custom buttons to Commander for West 4400

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29


Setting up Custom Buttons in Commander for use with West 4400 controls.


Commander software includes an option that allows the user to design a set of custom buttons that will be available on the single loop display.  All controls that utilize these buttons need to be the same since only one set of buttons is available.


With Commander and the Custom Buttons feature in Commander as setup below you can:


1.        Select a Profile  (from Profile number)


2.        Run the Profile


3.        Hold a running Profile


4.        Abort a running Profile


5.        Release Hold



Custom Buttons Configuration Example for 4400 Controller:


Go to: Commander / Setup / Setup Custom / Buttons



Configure Extra buttons for West 4400 (Typical)






Configure as above for use with 4400 control.


In Setup / Define Loops in Commander for loops that you want these buttons available use a Control Type of: 6 Control (Custom Buttons)


Example single loop screen with custom buttons:



Additional information regarding custom buttons can be found in Commander Help.