How to use West EC-44 with Commander Software

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EC-44 RS485 Communication Notes Relating to Commander


Default Communication settings for EC-44:


Protocol: Modbus RTU
Baud: 19.2K
Parity: None
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Slave ID: None


We have developed three tables of parameters that can be used for the EC-44 control with Commander.


EC-44 Standard 1 Loop: Includes common parameters for a typical 1 loop control configuration including profile control capability via Commander.


EC-44 Two Loop (A):  Includes common parameters for loop #1 of a two loop control configuration on the EC44.


EC-44 Two Loop (B):  Includes common parameters for loop #2 of a two loop control configuration on the EC44.


On two loop configurations control loop (A) should immediately proceed (B) in the define loop setup.  If you use (A) you must use (B) also.  If you only want to use loop one through Commander from a control configured for two loop operation then use EC-44 Standard 1 Loop table instead of EC44 Two Loop (A) in Commander define loops.


Profiler Capabilities Provided in the Modbus Tables:


Provisions for programming profile parameters are not provided through Commander.  Profiles should be entered manually or with the available Blue Control configuration program.  Through Commander (With standard Modbus Table) you can control most programmer functions.


Programmer Command parameter provides control over profiler functions listed below:


Send                        To do


0                              Do nothing
1                              Run the currently selected profile
2                              Hold the currently running profile
3                              Abort the currently running profile
4                              Jump to the next segment
5                              Release the hold
6                              Exit profiler, return to controller mode
8                              Select a profile to be run but not start it




Commander provides flexibility by using a Microsoft Access database to map the Modbus parameter definitions.  This controls what parameters are accessible to Commander and provides some formatting options.  The user can customize these tables if desired.  This information is provided for users that wish to add or remove parameters to the provided tables to customize Commander.


The following notes are provided for persons wishing to modify the provided tables:


All EC-44 parameters use Data Type 3 in Commander
Disable unused Alarms and other unwanted parameters by entering 9999 for Modbus Address. 


From the EC-44 manual use Modbus Address Values in Integer column (Decimal Row) Values.  These values can be directly entered in Commander Modbus Table


If tenths are desired use Integer +1 column from manual for Modbus codes in Commander. 


Additional parameters can be added by the customer using Edit Modbus Table or using Microsoft Access.


The EC-44 Installation/Operation Manual includes a listing of Modbus Parameter Registers. 


The Commander Help provides detailed information needed to modify the Modbus tables.


Download Modbus Tables that include The EC-44
Example of custom buttons for EC-44 and how to set up in Commander
EC-44 Installation & Operation Manual