I cannot get a response from the Setup Modbus Adapters button and a box saying MSVBVM50.DLL is missing is shown.

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

Commander requires MSVBVM50.DLL that is no longer included in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and later versions.  If the file is missing you may get a message from Windows and Setup Modbus Adapters button will not work in the communication setup.  The file can be downloaded by following this link:


A link in the ‘More Information’ section allows you to download the file on your computer.  Click on the link and RUN.  The file will be downloaded and installed on your computer. 

If after complete a box saying that it may not have been installed correctly is shown follow the instructions to reinstall using the recommended settings for your Windows version.  A box that states that the installation was successful should be displayed when complete.