How do I scale my 6100, 8100, 4100 plus series control to match my transmitter or other linear signal?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29
First you need to know: What is the output of the transmitter and what does it relate to? 

You need to match the input range of the control to the output of the transmitter.  If the transmitter is 4-20mA input then the control should be configured for an input of 4-20mA.  Once you have that you need to match the scaling between the transmitter and the control. 
All of the above is set in the control's configuration menu:

 Displayed Parameter
  Input type and range  InPt
 Scale Range Upper Limit  ruL
 Scale Range Lower Limit  rLL
 Decimal Point Position  dPoS

Example:  If transmitters output is 4-20mA and 4mA is 0 Bar and 20mA  is 30.0 PSI then use the following settings:

 InPt:  4_20
  ruL:   0
 rLL:   30.0
 dPoS: 1