My P6100 series control does not have the same control response as my older N6100 control. How do I setup the P6100 to control the same as the older control?

Submitted by glx25v on Fri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29
The difference in control response is likely due to differences between the settings for the Range parameters, PID parameters (Proportioning band, reset and rate) or other parameters in the Setup Mode.  Following the procedures below should result in similar results with the P6100 when compared to the N6100 control.

1) Turn off Self Tune on the P6100.

For help with doing this: Turn on/off Self Tune 

2) Set the Range in the P6100 control to match the range in the N6100 control: The P6100 often has a much wider temperature range than does the older N6100.  Before you proceed to set the PID  and other parameters make the range the same as is in your N6100.  The Proportioning Band is based on this range.

    Determine the range on your N6100 controller:
        On the N6100 the Range Code determines the range for the controller.
                Enter configuration mode and determine the range of the N6100: 

            (a) Remove power from instrument. 
            (b) Reapply power to instrument and immediately press and hold UP ARROW & SCROLL keys simultaneously. 
            (c) Hold buttons in until inPt is in lower display.

The value displayed in the upper display is the Range Code.  See for a full list of range codes and their respective ranges.  Write down the range.  You will need to enter the same range in the P6100 control. 

Now that you now know the range that you were using with the N6100's you can set the P6100 to have the same range:  
           d) Go to the Configuration Mode, check input type and then (See: Navigating the various modes in the plus series controls)
            e) On the P6100 change the Range Upper Limit ruL and Range Lower Limit rLL to match the range that was being used in the N6100 control.
            Note: When in the Configuration Mode you need to use the AUTO/MAN button to save any setting changes.  

3) Change the Parameter Settings in the P6100 to Match the N6100: In the N6100 go to the Setup Mode and write down the following parameters.  Then set the parameters to the same values in the P6100 (some parameters may not exist on your controls):
Parameter Description N6100 P6100 Value
Filter Filt FiLt  
Proportional Band 1 Pb1 Pb_P  
Proportional Band 2 Pb2 Pb_S  
Reset rSEt ArSt  
Rate rAtE rAtE  
Overlap/Deadband OL OL  
Manual Reset Bias biAS biAS  
Output 1 Cycle Time Ct1 Ct1  
Output 2 Cycle Time Ct2 Ct2  

To navigate to the Setup Mode in the N6100:
Navigating the various modes in the N series controls

To navigate to the Setup Mode for P6100:
 Navigating the various modes in the P (Plus) series controls