How do I upgrade the number of loops in Commander without a floppy drive?

Submitted by glx25v on Fri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29
We can email the configuration files.   If your computer has a floppy drive UNZIP the files and place the files on a floppy.  Do not place the files in a folder on the floppy.    If your computer does not have a floppy UNZIP and place the files on one of your hard drives (must be on  drive A, B, C or D).  Do not place in a folder
If you have not already downloaded and installed Commander do it here:
1) Start Commander.
2) Navigate to Commander's Main Screen
3) Using the menus at the top of Commanders Main Screen navigate to Setup/Upgrades/Upgrade Software
4) Select the drive that has the upgrade file (A, B, C or D) and click UPGRADE DISK.
5) Follow instructions and restart Commander.
Your registration screen should now display the upgraded number of loops.  Note the serial number on this screen.  You will need to advise with your serial number so that I may supply your access number.  The access number will allow the program to operate permanently.
Note:  You should upgrade the number of loops prior to sending us your serial number.