Since the MMS3000 series of data loggers are now obsolete, what is the recommended replacement?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

Our DaqPRO data logger is a great replacement for the MMS3000 loggers. It combines all the features of the MMS3000-T6V4, -T4, -GP4 and RTD6 loggers. These loggers feature up to (8) isolated universal inputs. Each channel is independently configurable as to input type and range.

These new loggers include faster sampling capability, better real time graphing, better than 5 times the battery life than the MMS3000 data loggers. One DaqPRO data logger includes all the input options of the (4) versions of the MMS3000 data loggers.

The DaqPRO data loggers include the capability to log/graph without a connection to a computer with an option for real time logging/graphing while connected to a computer.

Easier configuration via a four button interface on the logger combined with a more comprehensive software (that allows greater flexibility for advanced configuration of the logger) make this logger a great choice for replacement of the MMS3000 loggers.

We will continue to support the MMS3000 loggers through our repair and technical support departments.

For additional information on our DaqPRO data loggers go to: