How do I display recorded data on a graph using the MMS3000 Data Logger?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29
  • You can easily display your data using the Graph Display mode in the MMS3000. This can be done before or during a recording as well as in PlayBack mode. To change to Graph mode select MENU >> Display >> Graph.

    Once in Graph mode you can use the various features available to view the recorded data as you wish.
    • During Recording and PlayBack modes :


      • Change the scaling of the Y-axis
        To change the scaling of the Y-axis press SHIFT and the Down Arrow repeatedly to decrease the scale range, or SHIFT and the Up Arrow repeatedly to increase the scale range.

      • Scrolling the graph up and down
        To scroll the graph, hold down the SHIFT and DOWN ARROW to more data below the x-axis, or hold down the SHIFT and UP ARROW to see more data above the x-axis.

      • Display another channel's graph instantly
        To change to another channel's graph press the desired channel number on the keypad. This will only work if the channel is enabled for the recording.

      • Reset any changes made
        Press SHIFT and RESET simultaneously to reset any changes that have been made to the current graph display.


    • PlayBack mode only :


      • Display the data reading at a cursor position
        Move the cursor to the position that you wish to display the data reading using the Up Arrow and Down Arrow Keys. The data is displayed at the bottom of the graph.
        Note: Any data displayed corresponds to the Dashed cursor.

      • Define two cursors and swap between them
        Press START to toggle between the two cursors. The currently selected cursor is identified by being Dashed.

      • Zooming in on Data
        It is possible to zoom in and out on data between the two cursors by pressing ENTER.

      • Exit from Playback
        Press SHIFT and BACK simultaneously, or MENU >> Display >> Exit PlayBack.