Making Extended Recordings with the MMS3000 without Charger. How do I make long recordings with my MMS datalogger, given that the battery life is limited to around 13 hours.

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29
  • The MMS3000  T4, T6V4, GP4 and GP8 dataloggers have a triggger mode called "Timer Based Trigger" which can be used to take very long recordings by making the instrument power down between samples.

    But note that this feature is only available in firmware (proflash) versions 2.50 and later.
    See your User Manual for details on how to ProFlash your instrument with new firmware.

    To set up the Timer Based Trigger on the instrument:
    From the recording screen press MENU >> 3 for the Trigger menu.
    Press 2 for Timer Based... and enter the following settings:


    Log data every:

    1 minute (see table below)Record:1 sampleSample Period:1 secondAfter Recording:Power Down

    When a new recording is started, these settings will cause the instrument to wake up every minute (or whatever), add one sample to the recording and go back to sleep. The "Log data every:" field should be set to control how long your recording will last (until the battery goes flat), according to the following table:

    Recording to Last Optimum rate Conservative rate
    1 Day 10 seconds 20 seconds
    3 days 30 seconds 1 minute
    1 week 1 minute 2 minutes
    1 month 6 minutes 10 minutes

    The "Optimum Rate" is the very fastest that samples can be taken and still hope that the battery will last the specified time. This assumes that your battery is in top condition (see below) and no extra load is being placed on it (e.g. back light, or power to 4-20mA sensors).
    The "Conservative Rate" is an indication of the rate you should select if it is essential that the battery lasts the specified time, and any of the conditions above are not ideal.

    To keep your battery in top condition:
    1) Do not leave the charger connected permanently to the instrument - the battery will develop "memory effect" and less charge will be available. Similarly, the battery should be cycled deeply rather than given frequent top-up charges.
    2) If a battery does appear to have developed memory effect, use the "recondition battery" option under the System menu. This will fully discharge then re-charge the battery. See the owners manual under Utilities >> Managing Battery.