How do I change the input range of my 6100/8100/4100 (N Series) controller?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

To change the input range of the controller

Note: parameters shown are for illustration purposes only. Certain parameters such as Range Code and Hardware Definition Codes can vary greatly based on your requirements. Setup mode parameters illustrate the standard settings but may in some cases not provide adequate control. It is the customers responsibility to maintain a record of control settings.

Step #1 Configuration Mode

To enter configuration mode

(1) Remove power from instrument.
(2) Reapply power to instrument and immediately press and hold "Up" & "Scroll" keys simultaneously.
(3) Hold buttons in until inPt is in lower display.

To select parameters press "Scroll", To change parameter values use "Up" or "Down" keys, To save changed parameter values press "Hand" key. (Values are not saved if they are flashing)

Configuration Parameters:
(Parameters Shown illustrate settings for a dual output heat/cool control)

Lower Display / Upper Display

inPt 1418 Input range code (set as required)

See Range List for possible range codes. Click the 'Hand' key to save your selection.

To exit the configuration mode press "Up" & "Scroll" keys simultaneously and release.

After changing a parameter in the configuration mode the setup control parameters will revert to default factory parameters. The upper display will signify this by lighting all decimal points. Example: for 305 degrees. You will need to go into the setup mode and change at least one parameter to acknowledge this condition. This will cause the display to shut off the unneeded decimal points. You should confirm that all setup parameters are set according to your application requirements.

Set Up Control Parameters ( PID ):
(Parameters Shown illustrate settings for a dual output heat/cool control)

Note: To enter the Setup Mode you must be in normal display mode ie: SP is not shown in the lower display to enter this mode).

To enter the control parameter setup mode:

(1) Press "Up" & "Scroll" keys simultaneously and release.

(2) ULoc will be shown in lower display. Enter your ULoc code (normally "10") by using the "Up" or "Down" keys.

(3) Press the "Scroll" key. Use the "Scroll" key to move from parameter to parameter.
Use "Up" & "Down" keys to change values. Changed values do not require pressing the "Hand" key to enter values. They are stored on any change.

Standard ISE Setup Parameters
Lower Display / Upper Display

Filt 2.0 Input filter
OFFS 0 Input offset
Out1 Read only (Present output #1 level)
Out2 Read only (Present output #2 level - if output 2 is installed)
Pb1 5.0 Proportioning band width #1 (% of full scale)
Pb2 5.0 Proportioning band width #2 (% of full scale)
rSEt 5.00 Reset time constant in MM.SS
rAtE 1.15 Rate time constant in MM.SS
OL 0 Overlap (+/- % of PB1 +PB2)
biAS 25 Reset preload in %
SPhi 842 Maximum setpoint limit (Range Dependent)
SPLo 32 Mininum setpoint limit
OPhi 100 Maximum output
Ct1 16 Cycle time out #1
Ct2 16 Cycle time out #2
LAEn 0 Loop alarm (off)
APt 0 Auto pretune (off)
PoEn 0 Manual control (disabled)
rPEn 0 Setpoint ramping (disabled)
SPSt 1 Display strategy #1
Loc 10 Change to change ULoc code