What are the normal parameters that are accessable to the operator when using the 4100+/6100+/8100+?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

Menus and settings available to the operator (West 6100+, 8100+, 4100+):

Operator Mode:

This is the mode used during normal operation of the instrument.

In most configurations only the setpoint can be changed. The range of setpoint change is limited to the range defined in the Setup Mode.

Press (Scroll) to move between parameters.

Use or to change parameters.



Other parameters that may be available based on your controls configuration:

SP1 & SP2 on Dual Setpoint controls
SPrP (Ramping Setpoint) if setpoint ramping is activated (display only)
rP (Setpoint ramp rate in units per hours)

Additional parameters may be available if a custom configuration is included in your control. Display Strategy in Configuration mode can also limit the ability for the operator to change parameters and how the information present on the displays.