Can I allow my operator to display and change additional parameters while in the operator mode?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

6100+, 8100+, 4100+ Custom Parameters that can be added to Operator Mode

For added flexibility one or more of the following parameters can be added to the Operator Mode. These parameters can be added upon request by ISE prior to shipment. They can be added at a later date by ISE or by the customer with the purchase of configuration software and cable. There is no charge for programming if specified at order placement. There will be a nominal charge for ISE to re-program if they are returned for modification.

Parameters That Can Be Added to Operator Mode:

Alarm #1 Value

Alarm #2 Value

Output #1 Cycle Time

Output #2 Cycle Time

Output #3 Cycle Time

PV Offset

Primary Proportioning Band

Secondary Proportioning Band

Reset Time Constant

Rate Time Constant


Primary & Secondary ON OFF Differential

Input Filter Time Constant

Output Power