How do I change the input range or input type of my 4100+/6100+/8100+?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

Changing Input Type and Range on West 6100+, 8100+ & 4100+:


Configuration Mode:

This mode allows the selection of input type and range and also selects output usage, scaling for linear inputs, programming of alarm types and communications settings.

Press and hold down then press , release both keys.

Use or to Navigate to Configuration Mode ConF (upper display)


Enter the appropriate Unlock (ULoc) code for the configuration mode using Use or

(Configuration Unlock Code -- Default is 20)



Navigation in configuration mode:

Press to navigate between the various parameters (lower display).


Use or to change the parameter value (upper display).

Use to save a change.



Input Type and Range:


Parameter Lower Display Upper Display Description ISE Default Range
Input Type & Range InPt bC B Type 100-1824C  
bF B Type 211-3315F  
CC C Type 0-2320C  
CF C Type 32-4208F  
JC J Type -200 - 1200C 0-450C
JF J Type -328 - 2192F 0-800F
J.C J Type -128.8 - 537.7C with Decimal 0-450C
J.F J Type -199.9 - 999.9F with Decimal 0-800.0F
KC K Type -240 - 1373C 0-1373C
KF K Type -400 - 2503F 0-2503F
K.C K Type -128.8 - 537.7C with Decimal  
K.F K Type -199.99 - 999.9F with Decimal  
LC L Type 0-762C  
LF L Type 32-1403F  
L.C L Type 0.0 - 537.7C with Decimal  
L.F L Type 32.0 - 999.9F with Decimal  
NC N Type 0-1399C  
NF N Type 32-2551F  
rC R Type 0-1759C  
rF R Type 32-3198F  
SC S Type 0-1762C  
SF S Type 32-3204F  
tC T Type -240 - 400C  
tF T Type -400 - 752F  
t.C T Type -128.8 - 400.0 with Decimal  
t.F T Type -199.9 - 752.0F  
P24C PtRH20% vs PtRH40% 0-1850C  
P24F PtRH20% vs PtRH40% 32-3362F  


Parameter Lower Display Upper Display Description
Input Type & Range InPt PtC Pt100 -199 - 800C
PtF Pt100 -328 - 1472F
Pt.C Pt100 -128.8 - 537.7C with Decimal
Pt.F Pt100 -199.9 - 999.9F with Decimal


Parameter Lower Display Upper Display Description
Input Type & Range InPt 0_20 0-20mA DC
4_20 4-20mA DC
0_50 0-50mV DC
10.50 10-50mV DC
0_5 0-5V DC
1_5 1-5V DC
0_10 0-10V DC
2_10 2-10V DC


Scale Range (Limits input range for control):

Parameter Lower Display Upper Display
Scale Range Upper Limit ruL Scale range lower limit + 100 to range maximum
Scale Range Lower Limit rLL Range minimum to Scale upper limit -100

Note: Proportioning Band is based on a percentage of the total range as set with rUL & rLL. Changing these parameters will effect the proportioning band and control response.

Decimal Point Position (only displayed if InPt is mV, V or mA):

Parameter Lower Display Upper Display
Decimal Point Position dPOS 0 (= XXXX)
1 (= XXX.X)
2 (= XX.XX)
3 (= X.XXX)


Press and hold down then press , release both keys to exit configuration mode. Use or to select Operator (OPtr) Mode

If there is no key activity for 2 minutes the instrument will return to operator mode.