What are some of the improvements that are included with the 4101/6101/8101/8011+? How hard is it to replace my older N series controls or indicators?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

Plus General Information

The easiest to operate control just got easier.

The older N series controls and indicators have been replaced with the newer P series controls & indicators.  The current version is the Plus or P series.  The model number starts with "P" on the newer models versus 'N' on the older models.   Both versions are interchangeable as long as they both have the same hardware options and are configured similarly.

Old N Series
Model Number Starts With:
New Plus Series
Model Number Starts With:
N6100 & N6101 P6101
N8100 & N8101 P8101
N4100 & N4101 P4101
N8010 & N8011 P8011


  • Fully compatible with the original N series.
  • No wiring changes are required when replacing the original N series.
  • Plugs into your existing N series housings.


  • Menu structure has been changed for even easier operation.
  • No jumpers are required. All configuration changes are from the front panel.
  • Output #1 is now a plug-in board for easy reconfiguration or field replacement in the event of a failure.
  • Modbus and West ASCII communications is selectable when the communications option is included.
  • Controls can be set to a wider range of communication addresses. ASCII: 1-99 & Modbus: 1-255.
  • Baud rates to 19,200 for faster communication.
  • Improved input accuracy.
  • Custom operator menus are available.