How do I change the thermocouple type or range on my 4400?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29


Warning this will clear all control & program settings to default factory settings.

To enter Configuration Mode & change the input range:

This procedure is assuming that the hardware definition code and applicable jumpers are properly set. If the desired range code is not one of the displayed choices you will need to change the a hardware code and possibly jumpers on the unit.

1. Turn the controller off.

2. Re-apply power while holding down the SCROLL (circular arrow) and UP ARROW keys. Do not release these keys until the upper display displays ConF.

3. Input should be displayed in the lower display. Your current range code is displayed in the middle display. Change the range code to the desired range code.

4. Press the Mode key to save the new setting.

5. Press the SCROLL and the the UP ARROW keys (at the same time) and release. Control will exit the configuration mode.


Display will now be displaying all decimal points. This signifies that the control has defaulted to factory settings.


Enter Setup mode:

1) Press the SCROLL and the the UP ARROW keys (at the same time) and release.

2) Enter your Unlock code with the UP or Down Arrow keys. (Unlock code as shipped by ISE is 10)

3) Press the Scroll key to enter setup mode.

4) Check all settings and change at least one parameter such as P.Band1 to acknowledge and clear the decimal point display.


You should also check and reenter your program parameters as required.

Range Codes