How do I set up Commander for use with my West 4400 Controls?

Submitted by glx25v on Fri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

West 4400 Series


Setup Communications in 4400 as follows:


Modbus Settings: (Commander also supports the 4400 with West ASCII although with less functionality)



Comms: SLA




BaudRate: 9600 (Each connected control must have a unique address)

Protocol: MbE (Modbus Even Parity)

Address: As required



Commander Communications Setup:

Select: Modbus Protocol


Setup Modbus Adapters:

Adapter #1: Enabled

Device Type: Serial

Comm Port: As required

Link Speed: 9600

Parity: Even

Data Bits: 8

Stop Bits: 1



Above parameters match other West controls such as 4100 series. No Parity can also be used with Data Bits set to 7.


The settings shown above also change the configuration port to Modbus. This allows Commander to communicate via this port. West