How do I enable setpoint ramping on my N Series control?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

Ramp Rate Option:

The 6100, 6600, 8100, 8200, 8600, 4100, 4200 Series all include provisions for setting a ramp rate. As standard controls are shipped with this feature disabled.

Ramp rate is programmed for 1-9999 units per hour. When this feature is activated changes to the setpoint used by the control algorithm will be limited by this ramp rate.

Example 1: rP (Ramp rate) = 100, SP (setpoint) = 200 and then SP is changed to 300 the ramping setpoint will take 1 hour to reach the setpoint of 300.

Example 2: rP (Ramp rate) = 100, SP (setpoint) = 200.0 and then SP is changed to 300.0 the ramping setpoint will take 10 hours to reach the setpoint of 300.0. (This example takes ten hours since each unit is 0.1).



To Enable and Set Ramp Rate:


Note: To enter the Setup Mode you must be in normal display mode ie: SP is not shown in the lower display to enter this mode).

To enter the control parameter setup mode:

(1) Press "Up" & "Scroll" keys simultaneously and release.

(2) ULoc will be shown in lower display. Enter your ULoc code (normally "10") by using the "Up" or "Down" keys.

(3) Press the "Scroll" key. Use the "Scroll" key to move from parameter to parameter.
Use "Up" & "Down" keys to change values.

If ULoc is not known see Configuration Mode.

Lower Display / Upper Display

Press Scroll until rPEn (ramp enabled) is dislayed in lower display and change its value to 1 with the Up Arrow.
rPEn 1 Setpoint ramping (disabled)

Press Scroll until rP is displayed in the lower display. Use Up and Down Arrows to set the ramp rate in units per hour.


With rPEn enabled the ramp rate and the SPrP (ramping setpoint) can be displayed and the rP (ramp rate) can be changed in the normal operating mode by simply pressing the scroll key.