How do I setup my Honeywell controls for use with Commander?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

Using Commander with Honeywell Controls


Control Models: Developed for 2300/3300 series controls, however should work with most Honeywell manufactured controls.


Control Parameter Setup:


(Parameters derived from 2300 series controls)





2) ComADR: As required


4) BAUD: 4800 (see note below)


6) Tx DLY: 10

7) CSRATIO: 1.0

8) CSP BI: 0.0



Note: When communications was tested using a Honeywell 2300 control it was found that reliable communications were not possible at baud rates above 4800.


Commander Communications Setup:


"Setup"; "Communications"


1) Protocol: Modbus

2) Click on "Setup Modbus Adapters":

a) Adapter 1: "Enabled" (others enabled as required per Commander documentation for greater than 32 loops)

b) Device type: Serial

c) Comm Port: Select comm port that Commander is to use.

d) Link Speed: 4800

e) Protocol: Modbus RTU

f) Parity: None

g) Data Bits: 8

h) Stop bits: 1

3) Click on "Apply" (you must "Apply" for each adapter that you are configuring).

4) Click "Close"

5) Click "Save"


6) Close Commander Program.


Commander Define Loops


Follow Commander instruction for defining loops. Be sure to select the Honeywell 2300/3300 for the Modbus Table.





1) Configure IC485 converter per instructions in the Commander Manual (page 6)


2) Connect TXA to RXA & TXB to RXB with jumpers at the converter.


3) Connect TXA to 'A' on the controller(s).


4) Connect TXB to 'B' on the controller(s).


Note: we found errors in some of the Honeywell documentation concerning the wiring. A & B were reversed on some of the docoumentation for the 2300 control. The following is the wiring for the 2300 series controller:


2300 Corrected Wiring


TXA to 14

TXB to 13


Honeywell recommends adding a 120 ohm termination resistor across the A & B terminals on the control furthest from the converter.


For long cable runs termination resistors (120 ohm) are sometime required at the converter and at the controller that is farthest from the converter. The IC108A can be terminated by switching S2 to "ON".


Test Communications


Start Commander and confirm whether communications are operating properly. TX & RX lights should flash continuously on the converter. If only the TX light (2nd from left) is flashing confirm all wiring and configuration. If you are wiring a model other than the tested model: try reversing the communication wires TXA & TXB and try again.




Commander can monitor up to 3 of the (4) possible alarms available on this control.