How do I customize alarm action within Commander when used with Watlow 986-989 controllers?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

Watlow Series 986-989


Uses Commanders Watlow 988 Modbus Table.



Watlow provides a Low and a High Alarm for each Alarm. The Modbus address 3 contains the status for both alarms. Due to this arrangement Commander can be set up to either signal the High or the Low Alarm condition for each alarm output. It cannot annunciate both. An alternative setup allows you to assign one of Commanders alarms to annunciate any alarm condition within the control.


Below is a description of the various options and instructions for changing the settings:


From the Main Screen Menus:

Click Setup

Click Edit Modbus Tables

Select the Watlow 988 Table

Enter a value of “Decimal Places” for Alarm 1 Status and/or Alarm2 Status as below:

17 to annunciate both High & Low Alarms
13 to annunciate only High Alarms

14 to annunciate only Low Alarms

Commander has no provisions to signal open thermocouple conditions with this model.