How do I enable serial communications on my West 5010 controller?

Submitted byglx25v onFri, 08/17/2018 - 17:29

All West 5010 controllers, whether ordered with serial communications options or not, have an RS232 interface with limited capability to permit the use of the 5010 PC configurator (West part number M9997-A05009).

To enable this feature, or to re-enable full serial comms if fitted, follow the procedure below:

1. From Power Up

2. Hold both the UP and DOWN arrow keys until the Configure Diagnostics screen appears

3. Press the DIAMOND key to display the firmware Version number

4. *If the Factory Calibration screen appears, press the NEXT key

5. At the IN:/OUT: screen, press NEXT and EXIT together

6. At the Full Comms screen, toggle comms ON or OFF using the ENTER key

* The Factory Calibration screen will not appear if the unit has been re-calibrated since the date of manufacture.

Units with full serial comms fitted will have one of the following "X" codes in their Model number:
X06 = RS485
X07 = RS422
X83 = RS232