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1 How do I setup DataSuite to Email through my company email server?

1. Go to Tools> Options and select the E-mail settings tab. 2. Click Add. 3. A new entry named New Profile is created. Click on this entry to edit the settings, server information, etc. Make sure to enter the fields correctly e.g. with no extra spaces…

2 How to I add a new DataNet Network?

Instructions for Forming a New DataNet Network Please follow these steps to form a new DataNet network via the DataNet Receiver. These steps represent the Best Practice for ensuring an efficient and time-saving procedure. 1. From the DataSuite Map View, right-click…

3 Invalid Serial Number When Activating DataSuite Software

The Invalid Serial Number error means that you are either not entering the software serial number correctly or are not entering the serial number for the appropriate software module. The software serial numbers are found on the CD box and case. The correct…

4 My logger cannot connect to an existing DataNet Network

All devices on a DataNet Network must be using the same Network ID. If the logger has a LCD display you can view the device's current Network ID. You can also view it in DataSuite software by hovering on the device as in the example below. Different Network…

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