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1 Can I connect another DC voltage source to the DaqPRO to extend battery capacity?

Mains Adaptor The Mains adaptor (AC/DC adaptor) converts mains power (from a wall outlet) to a voltage suitable to DaqPRO. Output: Capacitor filtered 9 to 12 VDC, 400mA. Female plug, center Negative. You can connect a alternative DC source such as additional…

2 DaqPRO Data Logger Programming Rules and Limitations.

Programming Rules and Limitations The following are some rules and limitations you must take into account when programming the DaqPRO. As DaqLab integrates all programming limitations automatically, setting up DaqPRO via DaqLab will only allow the programming…

3 How do I check DaqPRO battery level?

Turn DaqPRO on. Make sure that input 1 is empty. Use the Forward and Backward arrows to navigate to the System information icon and then press the Enter button. DaqPRO will display the battery level in the system information screen.

4 How many data points can I log with the DaqPRO?

Sampling points: Increasing the number of active inputs limits the number of sampling points one can choose. The following condition must be always satisfied: Number of samples x Active Inputs <= Memory DaqPRO

5 I cannot seem to get DaqPRO to sample faster than once every second.

The type and number of sensors in use limits the maximum sampling rate: 1. Maximum sampling rate with one sensor is 4000/s 2. Maximum Temperature sampling rate is 1/s 3. Maximum sampling rate with two sensors or more is 1/s

6 I have turned my DaqPRO on, but it will not come on. What should I do?

The rechargeable battery is low. Charge the battery for 12 hours or work with the AC/DC adaptor.

7 I logged data in continuous mode without a computer connected. Now I cannot retrieve the data.

Continuous sampling is not meant to be used in standalone mode, It is only meant to be used when connected to a computer. It allows data to be transferred to a computer in a continuous fashion. When the memory fills up in the logger it will write over the…

8 I set input 1 to count pulses, and then connected the signal to input 1 terminal but DaqPRO didn&#39;t count the pulses. What is wrong?

In order to use DaqPRO as a frequency or pulse meter connect the signal wires to I/O 8 screw terminals, and select Frequency or Pulse counter for input 1 from the Setup menu.

9 Installation instructions for USB driver. (Required for communications with DaqPro data logger)

Installation of USB Driver For DaqPro Data Logger: The USB Driver can be downloaded here. Note: Instructions are written based on Windows XP software. 1) Turn on DaqPro Logger 2) Connect USB cable to the data logger and connect the other end to your computer.…

10 Sample Rates For DaqPRO Data Loggers

DaqPRO Data Logger Sample Rates Sample rates depend on the number and type of inputs selected. 1 Input - Excluding Temperature: 4000|2000|500|100|50|25|10|1 Samples per Second Every: 10 Seconds Every: 1|10|30 Minutes Every: 1 Hour Manual (Operator) 2-6 Inputs…

11 The DaqPRO memory is empty - there are no stored files or experiment notes. What could be wrong?

The internal 3V disk battery may be dead. Call ISE for further assistance.

12 The DaqPRO screen has no contrast. What is wrong?

The internal 3V disk battery may be dead. Call ISE for assistance.

13 While running with an active trigger, DaqPRO does not start data logging. What could have happened?

The trigger condition has not been fulfilled. The trigger condition was fulfilled, but the time period was too short (less than 300mS.

14 Will the software for my DaqPro work with Windows 7?

DaqLab Version 1.4.01 is compatible with Windows 7

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