ISE Frequently Asked Questions - Controllers:West/ Partlow MLC Series
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1 Communicating with the MLC9000+ versus the original MLC9000

Most of the Modbus addresses remain the same in the MLC9000+. (2) exceptions to this are: Control Type (Word Address): MLC9000: 258 MLC9000+: 259 Cycle Time 1 (Word Address): MLC9000: 259 MLC9000+: 260

2 How do I setup Commander to operate with a West/ Partlow MLC control system?

West/Partlow MLC The MLC multi-loop control system easily interfaces with Commander Software. The Buss Communications Module must be one that provides for Modbus Communications. Commander is compatible with both the single and Four loop Loop control modules…

3 How do I wire a 4 wire RTD to a 3 wire input on a control?

You can connect a 4 wire RTD to a 3 wire instrument. Just use 3 of the wires. Generally a (4) wire RTD will have 2 white wires and 2 red wires. The active element is between a red and a white wire. The remainig wires are for lead wire resistance compensation.…

4 I am having trouble with my control. What informaiton is helpful for you to assist with the problem?

We would need more information about your control and process to give you specific help. What is the complete model number of the control. If it is one of our West brand of recent years then the part number is often on the outside of the controller housing.…

5 Is it possible to change between auto/manual control through Modbus communication ?

To change the controller from auto to manual control (Auto off) using the Modbus communications protocol, the Auto/Manual Control bit needs to be changed. This is done by sending a Modbus message of : [01][05][0002][FF00][CRC] A breakdown of this message…

6 MLC nonvolatile memory writing limitations.

The number of write cycles as with most nonvolatile memory is rated for 100,000 write cycles. Read cycles are unlimited. This is sufficient for many years of use in most applications. To reduce the number of writes a temporary memory register is used for…

7 What is PID and where can I find additional information?

ISE PID Technical Reference

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