ISE Frequently Asked Questions - Controllers:West 2800/3800 Series
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1 Changing from thermocouple to RTD input on 2810 or 3810

You must do the following to switch from thermocouple to RTD on the 2810 / 3810 series: 1) Remove the compensator from terminals 1 & 2 (on housing) 2) Change S1 input switch form thermocouple position to RTD position. 3) Set Switches S2/1 through S2/6…

2 How do I adjust the maximum and minimum setpoint range on my 2800/3800 series controller?

Enter SETUP Mode: (Use caution in setting parameters in the setup mode. Some of the parameters in this section can affect control response) 1) Power control. 2) Press and hold both the UP and DOWN arrow keys at the same time. Hold until the SET light flashes…

3 How do I wire a 4 wire RTD to a 3 wire input on a control?

You can connect a 4 wire RTD to a 3 wire instrument. Just use 3 of the wires. Generally a (4) wire RTD will have 2 white wires and 2 red wires. The active element is between a red and a white wire. The remainig wires are for lead wire resistance compensation.…

4 How to connect a 3-wire RTD to a 4-wire input?

The compensation leads on a RTD are used to measure and compensate for the lead resistance. (3) Wire RTD (most common) sensing circuits measure the resistance in one leg and assumes the resistance of the other leg is equal. A (4) wire RTD measures the resistance…

5 I am having trouble with my control. What informaiton is helpful for you to assist with the problem?

We would need more information about your control and process to give you specific help. What is the complete model number of the control. If it is one of our West brand of recent years then the part number is often on the outside of the controller housing.…

6 I cannot activate Self Tune. What is likely causing this?

Self Tune cannot be activate if the primary or the secondary proportioning band is set to 0.

7 What is PID and where can I find additional information?

ISE PID Technical Reference

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