ISE Frequently Asked Questions - Controllers:West 2300 Series
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1 How do I use the 2300 with input voltages of greater than 50mV?

The model 2300 supports the following signal types Thermocouple, PT100, DcmA, and DCmV. It is possible to use it with a DC voltage signal by using external resistors to drop the voltage signal. The 2300 input needs to be set on the 0-50mV input range and…

2 I am having trouble with my control. What informaiton is helpful for you to assist with the problem?

We would need more information about your control and process to give you specific help. What is the complete model number of the control. If it is one of our West brand of recent years then the part number is often on the outside of the controller housing.…

3 Is it possible to change between auto/manual control through Modbus communication ?

To change the controller from auto to manual control (Auto off) using the Modbus communications protocol, the Auto/Manual Control bit needs to be changed. This is done by sending a Modbus message of : [01][05][0002][FF00][CRC] A breakdown of this message…

4 What is PID and where can I find additional information?

ISE PID Technical Reference

5 What is the difference between the Dual Setpoint and Remote Setpoint options?

Standard controllers operate with a single target setpoint which is entered from the front panel. Most West controllers can also be fitted with a Dual Setpoint or a Remote Setpoint option. Dual Setpoint If the West controller has the Dual Setpoint Select…

6 Why does my display show [OPEN] instead of the Process Value?

This error message indicates that the signal from your sensor is absent. This may be caused by a faulty sensor, a break in the wiring from the sensor to the instrument, or a loose connection on the rear terminals. The 3 digit display as used on the model…

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