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1 Can heater life be improved by using SCR power controls?

SCR power controls can extend the life of your heaters by reducing thermal stress on your heaters. The heaters are maintained at a more constant temperatures reducing size changes in the heating elements due to temperature changes. Both zero fired and phase…

2 Can tungsten heating elements be controlled with SCR controllers?

SCR power controls can be used to control tungsten heating lamps. Phase angle control with extended soft start ramp is recommended. Use of this type of control will lengthen the life of the heating elements in most applications. For information on our SCR…

3 Do SCR power controllers cause harmonics on the power lines?

SCR power controls do generate harmonics on the power lines. A zero fired controller generates much less harmonic distortion and seldom creates problems. Most of its harmonics are below the utility frequency. Phase angle controllers generate harmonics above…

4 How do I adjust the bias and gain on my SCR power control?

Bias & Gain Adjustment The bias & gain must be properly adjusted so that the SCR power control responds properly to the input signal. ISE configures and adjusts the SCR power control prior to shipment. If reconfiguration or further adjustment is required…

5 How to calculate heat losses and enclosure size for SCR Power Controls

To Calculate the minimum enclosure size and cooling requirements for SCR Power Controls: SCR Heat Loss Calculations

6 My 100P series SCR Power control is not working properly. It will not shut off the output fully.

Below are some troubleshooting steps that can help to determine the problem. 1) Make sure that you have a load (heater) connected to the output and that any output fuses are not blown. You cannot check operation without a suitable load connected. 2) Check…

7 My SCR power control has full line voltage output all the time with no load connected.

It is normal that the SCR control has full line output when no load is connected. This is caused by the small leakage that is present on all SCR's. You must connect a suitable load to test the unit.

8 My SCR power control has No Output or Full Output at all times with a load connected. How can I test the control?

With a load connected to the output of the SCR power control try the following: 1) Mark the position of the bias potentiometer so that it can be returned close to its present position. 2) Try to turn on the output by turning the bias adjustment. If the bias…

9 What are the DIP switches used for in my 100P series SCR power control?

The 100P phase angle SCR (current version) includes a card that is of surface mount construction. The control card has a 6-position selector switch (SW1) that allows the user to easily configure the control. 4-20mA, 0-10V & Input Resistance Selection:…

10 What is the difference between Zero Fired and Phase Angle Fired SCR Power Controls?

Phase Angle Fired SCR Power Controls Phase angle SCR power controls adjust the output voltage/wattage by delaying the turn on of the output voltage during each half cycle. The end result is very smooth virtually infinite voltage control. 1) Can be used with…

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